Hi dearest mummies,
I’m Seda Barabiko.I borned and raised in Istanbul.I live in Istanbul. I’m married and have a 2,5 year old son. I started primary, seconder and high school ,in Istanbul and graduated from Istanbul Kultur University as a Psychological Counselor.During my university education, I gor the MMPI, Child Assessment and Attention Test practitioner certificte.I had a part time internship experience with special children in the Research Guidance Center and with orphaned children in a private institution.Even before I graduated, I had the oppurtinity to make observations in more than one field.After my graduation, I started to work as a psychological counselor in a private college.

After a short period of time suprisingly we got the news that we were expecting a baby.

My sleep counseling journey has started partially when my son borned inFebruary 2020. Before my son, all I knew about a newborn’s sleep pattern was that they spent most of their time sleeping during the day.

Howewer, after my son borned, my expactations were not quite the same as the reality.Altough I struggled for hours to fall him asleep, even if he fell aslepp, he would either open his eyes immediately or if I’m lucky, takes short daytime naps that lasted for max 20-30 minutes and at night, interrupted sleeps were followes, which was also chaotic. When he woke up in the morning or from his short daytime naps.He was spending the whole day fussy,cranky and crying.